china factory Djm 06 Flexible Disc Coupling for Chemical Industrial manufacturers

Merchandise Description

coupling is a device utilised to connect two shafts jointly at their finishes for the function of transmitting CZPT . CZPT s do not usually allow disconnection of shafts for the duration of operation, even so there are torque limiting couplings which can slip or disconnect when some torque restrict is exceeded.

The major function of couplings is to be a part of two parts of rotating equipment while allowing some degree of misalignment or conclude motion or each. By cautious variety, set up and servicing of couplings, significant savings can be produced in decreased maintenance fees and downtime.


DJM 06 Shaft couplings are utilized in equipment for a number of functions. The most widespread of which are the adhering to.


  • To offer for the link of shafts of units that are created separately this kind of as a motor and generator and to supply for disconnection for repairs or alterations.
  • To supply for misalignment of the shafts or to introduce mechanical flexibility.
  • To lessen the transmission of shock masses from one shaft to yet another.
  • To introduce protection against overloads.
  • To alter the vibration qualities of rotating units.
  • To link driving and the pushed part
  • To transfer CZPT a single stop to an additional end.(ex: motor transfer CZPT to pump by way of coupling)

Disc couplings transmit torque from a driving to a driven bolt tangentially on a common bolt circle. Torque is transmitted amongst the bolts via a collection of skinny, stainless steel discs assembled in a pack. Misalignment is achieved by deforming of the material among the bolts.


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china  factory Djm 06 Flexible Disc Coupling for Chemical Industrial manufacturers